Updated Resources

This as a live are for resources. As we meet new entrepreneurs, uncover our own startup challenges or as you ask questions in our Facebook Live Shows 'Your Comment's Live',  we will create resources for you to download here. If you have a presentation, template or resource you think could help the community, send them over. 


your one page business plan: LVL 1

Starting a company is hard. Your family will worry. Your friends will say your idea is bad, and you’ll constantly have self doubt. However, starting up is also one of the best things for your career. You get to learn everything: sales, marketing, operations, finance. Before you start, you’ll need a plan and if you get to the stage when you can pitch investors, you’ll need a deck that’s 10-20+ slides. The hardest part of a business plan is the blank sheet. This one-pager helps kickstart you. This isn’t for an investor, your boss or anyone else, it’s for you. Just start filling in the boxes (3-5 sentences) and it will become the foundation for your real plan and hopefully save you a few hours. This document was inspired from questions asked in our How To Create a Business Plan Live Show. - Latest Update June 13, 2018 


financial assumptions questions.

At this point, you have a plan or have filled out our SYSU 1-Page business plan. The next big watch out for most new founders is: how much money do you need? People can give a killer pitch, but have no idea how much money they need and why? Then they get asked to put together a financial model and they freeze - where do I start?! That’s what this sheet is for.


financial assumptions spreadsheets.

We're glad you made it this far! Numbers usually scare people off, but trust us, it's actually kind of fun. By now, you should have asked yourself a series of questions about your business: do I need tables and menus, what's my office chair budget (Yo, I need those ergonomic Herman Miller chairs) or made the decision to buy cloud-based software. We've created a generic financial model template to get you rolling. This won't be the entire financial model, those can be found online pretty easily, but they would be your assumptions cost page to help make up your financial model. Feel free to change the names and details of anything in this table - this is yours!